A soldier begins with basic training.  A baseball player begins with spring training.  A marriage begins with pre-marital counseling.  Here at FWC a follower of Christ begins with the Growth Track.  The Growth Track is the catalyst to help you become a strong follower of Christ.  The Track is designed to give you the essential life-tools you will need to follow Christ.

If you come to FWC as a follower of Christ, we still would like you to participate in our Growth Track.  The Growth Track will not only be a refresher course of your faith, but you will learn how our unique family works and how to get involved.


You will receive a free dinner on us


You will meet our leadership team

  • You will learn about our mission
  • You will see how our family works
  • You will not be asked to do anything


God’s will is that we grow.






  • You will learn our beliefs & structure
  • You will learn how to grow in Christ
  • You will learn how to study the Bible
  • You will learn how to pray
  • You will learn how to have a daily devotion with Go
  • You will build new friendships at FWC








  • You will learn how God has uniquely designed you to serve
  • You will examine your passions, your personality, and spiritual gifts
  • You will hear about serving opportunities