Our History is “His Story”

In 1954, a pastor & his wife felt led to move from Florida to Pueblo, Colorado. They started a Church of God (Cleveland, TN) at 1722 East 2nd Street.

Family Worship Center moved from the couple’s home to a church that they built in front of the house. The small congregation stayed at this location until 1963 when they were able to buy an old Nazarene church at 740 West 15th Street in Pueblo.1st church

In 1990, David & Charissa Smith moved to Pueblo, CO with a passion and a vision for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They labored diligently in a small brick church on 740 West 15th for 4 years. God blessed the congregation and it grew to capacity. The church rallied around the young pastors, as they saw them laying carpet, painting classrooms, putting in a sprinkler system & beautifying the small church.

The little church was busting at their seams. Tom, a bus driver in the church, heard of a church for sale from one of his riders. Pastor David approached the pastor of the church before they had even put it on the market. FWC was excited to move ahead with the growth with which God had blessed them.


They purchased the Methodist church on 540 Alma Ave.  It was exciting times. This church was “home” for 10 years. Being able to expand and have more classrooms for Life Groups. The congregation continued to grow as God blessed the move. There was an exciting children’s church, youth group, Life Group Bible Studies, exciting worship, weddings, and baby dedications.

It was during these 10 years, 1994-2004, that FWC started a second service. We don’t despise small beginnings. It started in the basement of the church with about 15-20 people. Each week the small group would meet to worship & hear God’s Word.

In 2004, the church was full to overflowing. As they searched for a next step, they realized there wasn’t hardly any vacant buildings available. There was one church that was in a rental facility that was quite a bit larger. Pastor David talked with the pastor. They saw that it was what both churches wanted. The smaller congregation wanted a permanent home. FWC wanted a place to continue to grow while they saved money to build. The Pueblo Chieftain published an article about the congregations “Swapping Churches”. The FWC family again was ready to load up and head to a larger home, as God continued to bless them with growth.

4th street

This storefront location at 801 West 4th Street was ample room. God continued to move as the church added more Life Group Bible Studies and a full time children’s pastor. Pastor David continued to preach relevant, practical application sermons each week.

For 4 years the church family continued to grow from 325-700 while at this store front. The students took summer mission trips. The church family celebrated the years with their annual picnic at the zoo and the Christmas Banquet. We saw lives changed and touched by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

During these years, Pastor David looked at churches around the area and around the country for design & layout. He created a small model version of the church he envisioned as FWC. This model church sat on the table as a reminder of where we were headed.

While at the rental, the Deacon’s team searched for land for our new church. They were able to purchase at Hwy. 50 & Pueblo Blvd. It was thrilling to be able to set foot on property that would be “our home.”


In May, 2007, with the worship team, a large group of the FWC family, we had the ground breaking for our new church. There were tears of joy & excitement that we would have our “own home”.

In April, 2008, we loaded up the caravan of pickup trucks, trailers, and headed to our new home. We had 600 chairs in tow. There was sound equipment to set up, speakers to mount, classrooms to organize.

As with moving any family, there was some anxiousness. Everyone getting used to a new place.

The first service was packed. Pastor David spoke his heart on the new facility. This is our “Tool Box” for ministry. It is for us to use for God’s glory and honor. We want it to be a place of ministry 7 days a week.

For the next 7 years, we have seen God continue to build His church. People have continued to come through the doors saying, “I was drawn to this church.” We have seen our family grow from 700 to over 1500 weekly.

In 2011, we started a Saturday night worship service. It gave more opportunities for people to come to God’s house and worship.

God has blessed our FWC family mightily. We have Life Group Bible Studies 7 days a week. Our children’s ministry is vibrant and growing with several hundred children. With God’s help, they are growing up in a safe, healthy church where they love God’s house.

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