Pastor and Charissa

 “We announce the message about Christ, and we use all our wisdom to warn and teach everyone, so that all of Christ’s followers will grow and become mature.”
Colossians 1:28

Meet Pastor David and Charissa.. David was 15, when in prayer he sensed God’s call to be a pastor. His home was Midland, Michigan, where he grew up in lively family of nine children. David was introduced to church through a neighborhood bus ministry.

In 1981, David prepared himself for pastoring by attending Lee University, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Education in 1986. On graduation day, May10, 1986, he married his college sweetheart, Charissa. Together, they have been “2 hearts as one” partners in ministry for over 29 years.

From college, David served in Hazlehurst, GA as a Student Pastor & Minister of Music. They led a vibrant youth choir that toured several states one week of each summer.

In 1990, David felt God calling them to Colorado. He accepted the position of Pastor in Pueblo, Colorado. The small, struggling congregation numbered less than 13 people & met in a small, brick building. No money was available for adequate salaries during those early years so David & Charissa took 2nd jobs and struggled to make ends meet. David did landscaping & made Plexiglas pulpits, while Charissa cleaned houses.

David & Charissa knew that this was where God had placed them & realized the opportunity to see the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ in action. They served faithfully and diligently by ministering to all kinds of people.
For over 25 years, David & Charissa have seen God’s faithfulness in allowing the church family to grow. In 3 weekly services, David ministers to over 1500 people.

David is an engaging pastor who loves people deeply. He passionately weaves Biblical truth with real life application. His verse-by-verse preaching challenges people to accept & follow the Word of God as their sole source of authority. With a quick wit & humor, he keeps his teaching “real.” His vision for discipleship focuses on leading people one-by-one toward maturity in Jesus Christ. His greatest joy in pastoring is seeing an individual accept Jesus as their Lord (Follow), grow in Christ (Grow), and then become a part of the ministry team (Serve).

Charissa serves faithfully beside David on the worship team, teaching & mentoring women.

David’s enthusiasm for life spills over in his personal hobbies of building, kayaking, sailing, reading, & hiking.

Pastor David’s personal mission is to give people hope in Christ.
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David & Charissa